Hello, I'm George Unsworth; I am the founder and CEO of Mortar, a development framework for the property sector. We build business and banking APIs that support the development of consumer-led products and services. Viva la revolution!

I'm currently at PwC on the Scale-Up Prop Tech programme. As a fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab and Young Foundation I work to highlight the massive untapped potential of data in the housing and property sector, encouraging alternative ways in which to build financial tools and products. I am also pretty keen on highlighting the unintended consequences that stem from automation (data bias and asymettry), and I support projects that promote data ownership and digital inclusion. What else would you like to know? I have a very creative background and I am an avid supporter of contemporary art. I also now appear to have developed a cliched penchant for spectacularly over-exerting myself attempting to run marathons.